3D Converter Box

För er som funderar på att skaffa en 3D tv,

How It Works:

The Virtual FX receives an ordinary video signal through a wire from your DVD, Video player, Cable box or Game console. It then sends the converted 3D Video signal through a wire to your TV set. The Converter System performs complicated mathematical algorithms which convert standard 2D video into Real 3D that can be viewed by watching your TV with the included 3D glasses. It does this by creating separate and distinct left eye and right eye images on your TV screen and displaying those images in an alternating format. The wireless 3D glasses included with this system operate by receiving an infrared signal transmitted from the converter box. The lenses of the glasses open and close in sync with the televised images ensuring that your left eye sees only the left eye image and vice versa, thus producing true stereographic 3D!

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